How to Empower Your Kids to Be Amazing Entrepreneurs

How to Empower Your Kids to Be Amazing Entrepreneurs

Few accomplishments are more rewarding that those that allow a child to gain valuable new skills and actually turn a profit in the meantime.

Becoming an entrepreneur has long been an attractive career path for many adults who are seeking more freedom and opportunities.  However, young children and teenagers can also choose to experience the joys of entrepreneurship. With the accessibility of the internet, mobile phones, and other evolving technology, it’s never been easier for kids of all ages to try their hand at learning the principles of “kidpreneurship”.

In their best-selling book Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas, authors Matthew and Adam Toren introduce children to the key concepts of entrepreneurship as well as offer real-life advice and tips to help ensure the success of kidpreneurs.  Most people say, “It’s never too late,” but the Torens say, “It’s never too early.”

From the traditional corner lemonade stand to trending YouTube stars, kidpreneurs are showing up in big and creative ways all over the world. These savvy youth are improving their communication skills, learning the art of negotiation, and inventing new ideas and services, all while building their confidence along the way.

So, how you can empower your child to take the leap and explore the world of owning their own business?  Here are three ways that any parent can help encourage their child to meet their goal of launching and growing a thriving kid-friendly business. 

Show Support

Reassuring kids in their entrepreneurial endeavor goes a long way in terms of their success. Nothing is more powerful than sharing their enthusiasm and validating that their ideas are worthwhile. 

You can achieve this by asking your child sincere questions about their business and then listening carefully.  Active listening demonstrates that you care and that you believe in them. It creates an opportunity for meaningful conversation and helps to spark great ideas.   

Remind them that anyone can become an entrepreneur and that every idea is worthwhile. In fact, the Toren brothers offer this valuable resource  that would be an excellent article to share to inspire kids. 

Showing support can also come in the form of sharing their business journey with friends, family, and the local community through social media or other avenues. People love to offer additional encouragement and may even be willing to volunteer to help through donations of time, money, or necessary resources.

Ensure you not only celebrate their milestones and accomplishments but that you provide consistent support even when they experience roadblocks. With the right backing, children can learn to overcome challenges in a positive and constructive way.

Expose Children to Diverse Experiences and People

The more diverse people and places that children can be exposed to, the better prepared they will be in their kidpreneur endeavor.  This broadens their perspective, allows them a chance to learn new opinions and ideas, and helps to strengthen their social skills.  

Successful entrepreneurs are constantly networking with people from all over the world and strengthening their business partnerships by being willing to immerse themselves in new experiences. 

You can help your child grow in this way by giving them opportunities to volunteer in their community, meet other entrepreneurs, and learn hands-on skills that will become lifelong skills. Traveling is an excellent way to learn new languages and customs,  encourage curiosity and independence, and develop good citizenship.

Role Model Life Skills

Children look first to their parents, loved ones, and other important people in their lives to learn many fundamental and necessary life skills.  Children are perceptive in their ability to listen, watch, and notice. As a child’s role model, how you approach hardships and conflict, how you demonstrate love, and how you connect with others matters greatly.  These are often the ways in which your child will learn to navigate similar situations.

As a parent, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to role model healthy habits and important interpersonal skills to your child.  Simply be mindful of the methods you use to complete a task or how you interact with others, consider how you express your feelings, and assess your overall mindset when it comes to working towards goals. 

This awareness will allow you to be a positive role model in your child’s life and someone they will always turn to for encouragement or to navigate the tough spots in their journey.

Empowering a child to be an amazing entrepreneur is all about providing resources that will boost a child’s morale, give them courage to pursue their dreams, and help them succeed in being the best they can be.



The philosophy behind the book is simple. The future of our children begins with us! Most people say, “It’s never too late.” The Torens say, “It’s never too early.” The benefits for an early introduction to the basic principles and infinite rewards of entrepreneurship are massive. The Torens have managed to break down otherwise difficult concepts in to fun to read bites that any bright minded child can easily enjoy.