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Over 1,000 schools across the world use Kidpreneurs to teach entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Afterschool Program

Enrichment centers find that Kidpreneurs helps students in areas like english & math, as well as key social and emotional skills.

Summer Camp

Running a camp about financial literacy or entrepreneurship? Our books are great supplemental resources.

What happens when kids use our resources?

Increases confidence & self esteem

Encourages them to take on new challenges

Improves their love for learning

They become more resillient

They are not afraid to fail

Included in Academy

Kidpreneurs Book

You’ve heard the saying, It’s never too late. We say, It’s never too early to start learning the principles of entrepreneurship and money management !

Our goal with Kidpreneurs is to outline some basic tools and strategies kids can use to gain some valuable experience in starting, managing, and growing a successful business venture.

easy-to-understand basic principles
kid-friendly design and illustration
Included in Academy

Real World Money Lessons

If you’re a parent like us, you probably didn’t learn much about money in school. Sure, there were money related word problems in math class, but very little time is spent in school teaching kids what they really need to know about money. This book seeks to fill that gap. In Real World Money Lessons for Kids and Teens, your children will learn:

How to budget and track your money
Savings & Investing
Multiple Streams of Income
What is Money
Giving Back

Kidpreneurs Academy

Decades of entrepreneurial experience (critical thinking, problem solving, money management & more) are cleverly disguised as a as a fun, engaging, and gamified online experience for kids!

Gamified learning experience
Interactive e-books & courses
Kidpreneur Interviews
Business in a Box Kits
Monthly Treasure Raffles
Monthly Treasure Raffles


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Follow in the footsteps of these teachers and administrators who’ve benefited from Kidpreneurs Products in their programs.

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Thank you for stopping by and considering using our products in your educational programs. We are Matthew and Adam Toren – brothers, best friends, and lifelong business partners.

We’ve spent years researching the best practices in modern business and teaching these techniques to others, while also establishing and maintaining our own steady stream of successful businesses.

Through the past 14 years, our family has grown to over 10 passionate and dedicated Kidpreneurs team members. They’re prepared to help you integrate our products with your expertise. It’s a winning combination!

Nothing makes us happier than empowering organizations who share our mission to share the love of entrepreneurship with every kid!

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