Our Story

Since 2009, Kidpreneurs has empowered kids across the world through our best-selling products. Learn how one question turned into a worldwide movement!


Matthew’s daughter was just 9 years old when she asked her dad: “What do you and Uncle Adam do as small business owners and entrepreneurs?” The brothers, life-long business partners, tried to find a book or a program that spoke to kids in bite-size nuggets, but there was nothing available. She obviously knew what a doctor, a lawyer, and a dentist was, but had no idea what a entrepreneur was or did.


The Torens’ were determined to write a book that kids would enjoy and love learning about entrepreneurship. They spent the year working with teachers, parents and kids. They even had focus groups to ensure the content was a great learning tool.


Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas launched on Amazon and was quickly featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the best books for kids to learn about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. It also won the gold award from
the National Parenting Publication.


The brothers decide to turn the book into an online course, launching Kidpreneurs Academy V1. Surpass 150,000 students.


The brothers write Real World Money Lessons, teaching kids key financial skills.


Kidpreneurs Academy becomes its own fully-gamified platform, equipped with coins, rewards, and virtual avatars.


Kidpreneurs launched the YoungTrep Podcast, which becomes one of the top podcasts for kids & family.


Kidpreneurs expands its team, led by new 16-year old COO Benjamin Wong. They also launch a new weekly newsletter, Raising Empowered Kids®, and grow to over 250,000 kidpreneurs.