Inside the Kidpreneur Mindset

Inside the Kidpreneur Mindset

How can it be that young children and teens have the ability to create innovative and successful businesses from the ground up? How is it that kids seem to consistently achieve the impossible, as if nothing is standing in their way?

Well, that’s what we call getting inside of the kidpreneur mindset.  And what an amazing place it is!

A child’s mind is a space of wonder and is capable of extraordinary achievements.  In fact, research from the journal Psychological Science has shown that children as young as one years old are intrinsically motivated to help others.

Kids of all ages have used the power of their mind, tapped into the kindness of their heart, and harnessed determination to:

  • Create inventions
  • Launch businesses
  • Express themselves creatively and artistically 
  • Start non-profits organizations
  • Innovate products and services
  • Better the world and those around them

With support and encouragement, every kid is capable of following their dreams and making a positive impact on the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most common mindset traits of successful kidpreneurs. 


One of the most powerful components of a kidpreneur’s mindset is their ability to see obstacles as opportunities.  This takes courage as well as a drive to be relentless in their pursuit of learning and success.  

Because children are curious by nature, and tend to have infinite amounts of energy, they are generally able to persist in overcoming challenges.  This is especially true when they have the support of family and friends who are able to celebrate and encourage their progress along the way.

Dreamers AND Doers

Where would the world be without the dreamers?  Children are the ultimate dreamers! Because they have not yet been influenced by the hardships of adult life, kids are able to visualize limitless possibilities.  

Central to a kidpreneur’s mindset is their capacity to not just dream…but to DO.  They enjoy the power of new ideas, the energy of ingenuity, and are inspired by the reward of watching a dream come to life.

Help keep kids “dreaming and doing” by validating their suggestions, offering your input, and cheering them on even in the tough times.

Creative Solutions

Successful kidpreneurs have the ability to see multiple points of view and identify numerous solutions to problems. They are able to couple creativity with strategic thinking to solve issues in ways some adults might never consider. 

This mindset can also be viewed as a form of resourcefulness, or a reliance on one’s own self to create solutions and solve problems.  Kidpreneurs with this mindset adapt well to changing situations and are often able to think on their feet.

Bolster resourcefulness by involving children in decision making and promoting collaboration. 

A Kidpreneur is Always Learning

Remember that kidpreneurs of all ages are constantly growing and learning new ways to empower and express themselves.  A growth mindset – one in which children thrive on challenges and don’t see failure as a reflection on their self-worth – can be developed and supported in every child. 

Providing opportunities for lifelong learning and problem-solving, while exposing children to various perspectives and viewpoints, will ensure that their kidpreneur mindset is continually strengthened. 



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