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Star Wars for Startups: A Guide to Building Your Team

What does Star Wars have to do with business—much less startups? Turns out, there are some lessons for all entrepreneurs to use courtesy of the Force. Take Luke Skywalker: he learns to listen to those around him, to inspire trust and confidence. Those are the qualities that any great CEO knows are essential to building

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Kidpreneurs at Work: The Arizona Children’s Business Fair

Every year, the Arizona Children’s Business Fair takes over downtown Phoenix. Strewn with nearly 150 booths, the Arizona Center is temporarily the place to be for young entrepreneurs – or Kidpreneurs – of all backgrounds, who have three hours to sell products they’ve made themselves or with friends or parents. The Arizona Children’s Business Fair

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Interview with 14 Year Old Entrepreneur, Chef Remmi Smith

Chef Remmi Smith is the living embodiment of the Kidpreneurs philosophy, “it’s never too early.” At fourteen years old this dynamic and driven young woman is taking the nation by storm one school cafeteria and teen at a time. Remmi has partnered with Sodexo, a large provider of school lunch programs, to be their student

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Kidpreneur Rachel Zietz Is Building Better Lacrosse Equipment

Rachel Zietz loved Lacrosse but got fed-up with the products on the market that were constantly falling apart and needing to be replaced or repaired. She kept thinking Lacrosse would be a whole lot more enjoyable with equipment that actually worked and lasted for a long time. So she did what any teenage kidpreneur does…

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Meet The 15-Year Old Innovator Who Reinvented Water

 Carter Kostler saw some disturbing statistics about childhood obesity that he didn’t like. He witnessed first hand at his own school the rampant consumption of sugary sport and soda drinks by kids and new this was a leading contributor to obesity and diabetes in kids. He decided decided to innovate a solution from something he

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"You've heard the saying, 'It's never too late.' We say, 'It's never too early!'"

~ Adam & Matthew Toren