Kidpreneurs Interview with Hailey Hardenbrook of JoyPins

1.) First, tell us a little bit about your background and experience. What, or who inspired you to pursue your ideas? My parents are both entrepreneurs and so was my grandfather. Last summer I supported my friends who are also kid entrepreneurs. I bought one of their products and wondered if I was too young […]

Kidpreneur Interview with Anishka Verma of Writing Bud

1.) First, tell us a little bit about your background and experience. What, or who,  inspired you to pursue your ideas? I’m Anishka Verma, a sophomore at Saratoga High School. My dad is my greatest inspiration. Not only is he really encouraging, but he has a lot of experience in the area of writing and […]

How Kids with Big Hearts Created Big Ideas

How Kids with Big Hearts Created Big Ideas

Do you remember coming up with (what seemed like) amazing ideas for inventions when you were a kid? Perhaps they seemed impossible to others. But to you, in your state of wonder and limitless possibility, the ideas felt completely achievable.   Maybe you figured out the secret to creating a Limitless Wish Granting Machine, drew […]

These Sister Kidpreneurs are da Bomb with their Bath Fizzers Business

Isabel and Caroline Bercaw are sisters who started their bath fizzers business, da Bomb Bath Fizzers, when they were just 10 and 11 years old. Now, as teenagers of 14 and 15, the pair have a multi-million-dollar business that’s growing leaps and bounds. We had a chance to talk with these sisters recently, and it’s obvious […]

9-year-old Seth is taking a swing at the golf industry

Golf By Numbers Seth Damsgard isn’t just a talented golfer. He’s also a clever entrepreneur—and he’s just nine years old. Seth’s company, Golf by Numbers, produces low-cost yardage books for golf courses in several states. It all started when Seth started golfing for tournaments and with his dad. With makeshift sketches of each hole and its yardage, […]

Jordan Zietz is solving the problem plaguing gamers nationwide

Game Reef

Ninth-grader Jordan Zietz is the young CEO of GameReef, a rental company specializing in video games and gaming consoles. He started the business to provide a solution for those torn between Xbox or PlayStation, Wii or DS, Fallout 4 or NHL . . . you get the idea. “People have been torn for years . […]

Kenzie Hinson feeds over 1,000 people a month with Make A Difference Food Pantry

Twelve-year-old Kenzie Hinson had no idea one in three children in her county didn’t have enough food to eat—but when she found out, she was determined to do something about it. Kenzie is the founder of Make A Difference Food Pantry, a food bank that serves over 1,000 people a month through fundraising efforts and […]

Matty and Benny are Helping Other Kids Have Fun and Feel Stronger

Kids are pretty active to start, but between at-school physical education, after-class extracurriculars, and playing at the park, you’d think kids like Matty and Benny Smalarz would be worn out by the end of the day. Not quite—in fact, the brothers have come up with a great way to exercise, feel strong, and have fun […]