Kids and Intellectual Property: A Teaching Guide for Parents of Kidpreneurs

Kids and Intellectual Property

Nowadays, kids are starting businesses at younger ages, with impressive, creative ideas. If your child wants to start a business, support their creativity and business skills. But it’s important to also educate them about protecting their ideas and creations. That’s where kids and intellectual property comes in. Use this guide to teach your kids about […]

STEM and Entrepreneurship: How Kidpreneurs are Leading the Way

STEM and Entrepreneurship

In STEM fields, young people can learn skills for future innovation and entrepreneurship. These fields offer exciting opportunities in our technology-driven world. Starting businesses as kids isn’t always realistic. Yet, learning STEM can cultivate curiosity, problem-solving, and determination. This mindset helps young people become tomorrow’s changemakers. STEM and entrepreneurship education inspires creative, analytical thinking in […]

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship for Kids: Fostering a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Kids with big, creative business ideas often share certain traits. These include persistence, resilience and a thirst to learn. Underpinning those? A growth mindset. This powerful psychological concept shows how beliefs about one’s abilities shape outcomes. Young entrepreneurs need a positive attitude and be open to learning to succeed. Today, let’s talk about how parents […]

Building a Kidpreneurs Community: The Importance of Peer Networks

Kidpreneurs Community

Kidpreneurs are on the rise. Kids around the world are using the internet to start their own businesses at younger ages. Today, young people are becoming entrepreneurs by selling crafts, baked goods, or artwork. And they’re offering services, like dog walking, cleaning, or tutoring. Young entrepreneurs need both business knowledge and a supportive network of […]

Pitch Perfect: Helping Kidpreneurs Present Their Business Ideas

Business Ideas

Kidpreneurs have awesome business ideas. But bringing those ideas to life takes more than passion. It requires planning, hard work, and knowing how to pitch or present your plans. Pitching is an important skill for Kidpreneurs. A pitch lets you explain your business idea to important people like. It can be presented to potential partners, […]

Business Ethics for Kidpreneurs: Teaching Kids to Play Fair

Business Ethics

Kidpreneurs have awesome ideas and skills to build businesses. But being a successful entrepreneur takes more than smarts. It requires a commitment to doing business the right way, with integrity and ethics. That’s why teaching Kidpreneurs about business ethics is so important. Teaching honesty, accountability, and caring will create entrepreneurs who are the best. In […]

Funding Futures: Exploring Grants for Kidpreneurs

Grants for Kidpreneurs

All Kidpreneurs dream of growing their business idea into a booming company one day. But launching and expanding ventures requires significant upfront funds. For young entrepreneurs, limited resources can stall progress. That’s why grants for Kidpreneurs can be game-changers. Monetary gifts fund business activities and don’t need to be repaid or give up ownership. Grants […]

E-commerce for Kidpreneurs: A Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Started Online


These days, the most successful businesses sell online. Kidpreneurs can sell their products or services worldwide by having an e-commerce website. Transitioning from a local venture to digital operations requires some new skills. But taking it one step at a time makes the process totally doable. Today’s article explains how Kidpreneurs can create their own […]

From Classroom to Boardroom: How Educators can Support Kidpreneurs

Support Kidpreneurs

Kids with an entrepreneurial spirit see possibilities everywhere. At school they may disrupt class pitching impromptu business ideas or selling contraband candy. While their moxie is admirable, such antics aren’t always welcome. What if instead educators could harness students’ enterprising energy into productive outlets? With the right systems of support, schools become springboards for Kidpreneurs. […]

The ABCs of Entrepreneurship: Basic Business Terms All Kidpreneurs Should Know

Basic Business Terms

Kidpreneurs have big dreams of running successful companies. But starting any business comes with learning a whole new language. Mastering basic business terms equips Kidpreneurs to better understand entrepreneurial concepts. If they know the lingo, they can confidently talk to experts, like mentors and coaches. They can also talk to investors. This article covers essential […]