Mindful Kidpreneurship

Mindful Kidpreneurship

If you watch children in their element –  whether on the playground, absorbed in a book, or creating art – you’ll notice something consistent:  a sense of being present in the moment. 

This state of contentment and being fully immersed in an experience is called mindfulness.  It is the ability to be aware of our environment and surroundings without becoming overwhelmed.  Mindfulness can be a natural state and can also be a state of mind that comes more and more easily with practice.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

When we are fully present in the moment, we are able to awaken the senses and experience the fullness of our mental, emotional, and physical capacities. It teaches us to suspend judgment of thought or action and to expand into the elements of discovery, playfulness, and self-reflection.

Some people arouse mindfulness through meditation, yoga, or other contemplative practices. But mindfulness can also be achieved during any time and space in which you feel most focused, at peace, alive, and joyful.

Many studies and research on mindfulness have proven the positive benefits it creates. It can reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, improve memory, and help to regulate emotion.  These clearly remarkable benefits can aid both adults and children and can make day to day living much more manageable.

How Mindfulness Matters in Business

When you pause to consider how fast-paced and dynamic the world of business can be, it makes sense that harnessing the power of mindfulness could make a vast difference in the success of an entrepreneur.

Children make great strides in their kidpreneur journey when they feel confident in their ability to adapt to change, cultivate resilience, and navigate stressful situations. Practicing mindfulness helps support and encourage each of those life skills that are vital in launching, running, and growing a business.

Allowing children to learn how to “roll with the punches” and remain level-headed in the face of adversity will equip them with extra determination to make it in the professional world.

Mindfulness in kidpreneurship can also be a mindset, one that takes into account the vision, mission, and guiding principles of a business.  A mindful business is one that cares about both local and global communities, that believes in ethical business practices, operates with integrity, and considers the health of their business and their customers equally.

How To Practice Mindful Kidpreneurship

There are a number of ways that you can help guide your kidpreneur in practicing how to be present and full of clarity and awareness while working on their business venture. 

As they incorporate some of these routines and ideas into their daily lives, they will become much more adept at establishing a foundation of mindfulness in all areas of their life.

Schedule Dedicated Time for Mindfulness

Remember that mindfulness doesn’t have to just be about meditation, although that’s a simple and effective place to start.

Most importantly, carve out time to allow your children to experience these moments of true presence.  Schedule days or times where they can have a quiet space to read, write in a journal, do yoga, draw, or express themselves creatively  Some people feel most mindful when they play a favorite instrument, sing, or take in the beauty of nature.

Make mindful moments part of your daily routine!

Learn Practical Exercises and Techniques

Powerful, in-the-moment exercises for harnessing mindfulness can be especially helpful for children.  There are breathing techniques that are simple and effective enough for children of any age to learn. These help them to welcome in calmness, to dissipate anger or frustration, and to clear their mind.

Guided visualizations or affirmations can also be incredibly useful when moments of stillness and clarity are needed.  These can be read by a parent or by the child or can be experienced by listening to them on a computer or mobile app.

Ask your child what techniques work best for them and why and remain open to learning together.

Point Out Examples of Role Model Behavior and Mindfulness

Finally, few lessons are as powerful and long-lasting as providing real life, real time examples to children.  Take notice of times in which they successfully practice mindful moments or mindful kidpreneurship and make sure you validate and celebrate them. 

If you see an example of another child, or adult, who demonstrates excellent mindfulness, be sure to point them out to your child.  Discuss what behavior or technique you felt made a powerful impact to their business or their interaction.  Don’t forget to ask your child to join in on the conversation and to share their ideas as well.

Mindful kidpreneurship can be a compelling way to create a rewarding and fulfilling business for a child.  Mindfulness can also instill lifelong skills that your child can utilize beginning today – ones that will make their futures brighter and their minds more receptive to creativity and happiness.



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