Kidpreneur Jahan Ergashev

Kidpreneurs Interview with Jahan Ergashev of Home and Joy Pillows

We are privileged to have another amazing Kidpreneur share an interview with us about his successful business called Home and Joy Pillows.  Jahan and his mother are from the beautiful land of Tajikistan but now live in the United States.  Click on the video below to hear all about Jahan’s kidpreneur journey!

Jahan says that he “always wanted to share a piece of our Tajik culture with people of the world and handmade pillows was a really good idea for that. Pillows have a special place in Tajik culture as they represent hospitality and are the sign of respect and love towards the guests and neighbors. When anyone comes to Tajik home, they enjoy a soft beautiful pillow behind their back to make their stay comfortable.”

Jahan also values the principles of being a good citizen and so his business also offers hand embroidered-pillows from Tajikistan made by rural poor women. He wants to help make their lives better by selling their crafts. He also recently donated his pillows to Rally for Kids – a fundraiser organized by Lutheran Family Services. Jahan said, “I am proud that I can contribute to improve the lives of children and families in the State of Nebraska.”

 You can find Jahan’s business on social media here:

Instagram: @homeandjoy_

FB page: @homeandjoypillows



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