Justyn Boumah

Interview with 5 year old Kidpreneur, Justyn Boumah of Heroes and Hearts.

We are so excited to share this interview with a young but mighty 5-year-old kidpreneur whose enthusiasm and positivity is infectious. Justyn Boumah is a Multi-Award Winning International African American Author and CEO of the Traveling Toddler and the 501c3 organization Heroes and Hearts, where he utilizes his talents and creativity to empower underserved communities.  Along his entrepreneurship journey, Justyn has shed lights on different issues such as children’s food allergies, helping and encouraging individuals who have experienced marginalization.  He is a seasoned world traveler and uses his passion for global issues to help improve people;s lives in diverse communities. 

Watch and listen to Justyn’s amazing interview and share it with anyone who would appreciate some kidpreneur inspiration! You can also read the transcript of his interview below.

1.) First, tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience. What, or who, inspired you to pursue your ideas?

I asked my auntie this question: “Why are the community workers not being thanked?” And my auntie was like umm umm I don’t know the answer to that question. But what I do know that they are not being thanked. My mommy and daddy inspire me to do what I do.

2.) What were the first steps you took to start your organizations and projects around educating other people and kids?  What did your friends and family think?

Okay so I started this project in 2020. So that’s number one. Some days I needed help with the cards, but that’s okay. If you’re too little  to be a thanker to community workers, we can help you. “Why is this kid thanking the community workers? He is too little to thank the community worker.” None of you understand my project. So, that didn’t stop me from doing what I do. I kept going, kept going . I never stopped doing it. So that’s what I believe you can do, you, you, you.

3.) What hard moments or challenges did you face as you began to learn about running a business/organization?

Writing the card was difficult for me because I was about…was I four or five? I think I was four when I did that. I didn’t know how to write.

4.) How do you celebrate when you’ve hit a big goal or done something successful? 

No, I didn’t celebrate anything.

5.) What kind of feedback have you heard from your community and others and how does this make you feel?

The first thing the construction said to me that you are you are inspiring everyone. That means that you’re making everyone do the same thing. And number two, with the fireman, with fire station 9 they just didn’t say anything nice but they smiled.

6.) Can you tell us about one of your proudest moments as the founder of your organization?

The firefighters, fire station 9, because I got to take a tour. And I saw their kitchen. I saw their beds. I saw their living room. Captain DuJuan jumped up and down. And that made me really happy.

7.) What would you like to say to inspire and empower other Kidpreneurs that are thinking about starting a business or a non-profit organization?

That’s an easy question. I believe they can do anything that they want. They can do thank you bags, they can just do bags. They, if, instead of tissue paper, they can just do seeds. You don’t have to be big or strong to do big things or big dreams.

8.) What three words describe you and/or the way you work?

Three words, okay, so my first describing word is Super Justyn. Number two thing is Doctor Boumah, Professor of them all.

9.) Who is another (or more than one)  person that you admire?

I admire the community workers.

10.) What’s next for you in terms of your goals and projects?

My next project is the Superhero Justyn’s Giveaway. In Super Justyn’s Giveaway, we give toys. We give lanterns. We give rugs. We give food. We give, we give shirts. We give clothes. We give shoes.

11. ) What is the most important thing you have learned by being a founder of an organization?

I have learned that everyone should be every, every everything.

12. ) Do you have other employees or helpers that work for your organization?

Yes, I have employees and helpers.

13. ) What are some of your responsibilities as the owner of your organization?

As an owner, I have to save money for the Read-A-Thon. I get to shop for, you know, that hand sanitizer.

14.) What do you think people can learn from traveling?

People learn from traveling how the pictures look like in real life.

15.) How did it feel to be on shows like the Today Show and CBS news?

To be on the Today Show, it felt good. It was really fun to be on the Today Show.



The philosophy behind the book is simple. The future of our children begins with us! Most people say, “It’s never too late.” The Torens say, “It’s never too early.” The benefits for an early introduction to the basic principles and infinite rewards of entrepreneurship are massive. The Torens have managed to break down otherwise difficult concepts in to fun to read bites that any bright minded child can easily enjoy.