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Book Spotlight (as Seen in the North Valley Magazine)

Book Spotlight
What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? Brothers Matthew and Adam Toren, founders of, have persevered and triumphed through a number of business ventures. They’ve taken many steps and paths in their successful careers, but it is their beginnings that have inspired their latest project: a book on entrepreneurship written specifically for children! The Toren brothers bring a fresh and enlightening perspective to business in the straightforward, easy-to-read original work, Kidpreneurs.
You don’t have to be a grownup to catch the entrepreneurial spirit, and you certainly don’t need to wait until adulthood to learn—or practice—the basic principles of business. It’s never too early! Matthew and Adam credit their families for encouraging their business ideas from a young age, and they wish to provide the world’s youth—the future generation of entrepreneurs—with not only encouragement but also the practical knowledge to start, grow, and succeed in their business visions.
The brothers have spent years dedicated to researching the best practices in modern business and then teaching the techniques to others while establishing and maintaining their own steady stream of successful businesses. One of their passions has been to help ailing businesses by passing along their accumulated know-how. This entrepreneurial instinct, blended with an even measure of their altruistic natures, led the Torens to found, the largest and fastest growing social networking forum for young entrepreneurs in the world.
When Matthew and Adam set out to pass on their business savvy to their own children, Kidpreneurs was born. The book stokes a child’s desire to get involved in business early by fueling their curiosity in simple, engaging, creative, and safe ways. It defines entrepreneur and other key business terms; breaks down the complex concepts to the practical, creative, and ethical sides of the business world; and articulates the important facts of modern business using colorful illustrations, fun facts, stimulating quizzes, and sample business plans.
The philosophy behind the book is simple: The future of our children begins with us! Children of all backgrounds have a right to financial freedom and the skills and tools by which they might obtain it.
You can begin an exciting business journey with your children with Kidpreneurs.

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