Bad Kidpreneur Habits to Kick and Good Kidpreneur Habits to Encourage

Bad Kidpreneur Habits to Kick and Good Kidpreneur Habits to Encourage

When it comes to how good habits create success, we could all certainly learn something from the famous wisdom of Gandhi: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

Habits and routines are repetitive, daily tasks are a catalyst for productivity. And what we know from research is that entrepreneurs that nail down a solid daily routine tend to nail down the formula to success.  This includes kidpreneurs of all ages!

Establishing healthy habits, and eliminating bad habits, helps to streamline life from both a professional and personal perspective. Letting go of negative habits that hold you back from meeting your goals, making good connections, or enjoying life to its fullest creates space for positive habits to take their place.

Think about that! Bad habits literally take up mental space (and sometimes physical space) that often cause us to hold onto undue stress, guilt, and feelings of failure. But remember that just because we have bad habits (and we all do) doesn’t mean we are bad people. Habits aren’t a judgement of character but having good habits certainly can help make life, and business, much easier and less overwhelming.

As kids begin to branch out in their entrepreneurial journey, it’s important that they are encouraged in maintaining good habits that will replace any not-so-good habits they may have formed.   This will help to create many lifelong benefits for kids, including developing social skills, as they grow into young adults.

Below are three examples of unhealthy habits for kids to break, as well as a few healthy habits to learn to focus on.

Unhealthy Habits for Kids to Eliminate

Procrastination – Procrastination holds kids back from completing school assignments, projects, household duties, and business goals on time. Help kids let go of this habit by practicing breaking down tasks or projects into smaller chunks/tasks.  This will allow them to see progress and results much more quickly and reduce overall stress.

Making excuses – Excuses are usually based on fear.  Work on getting to the root of the fear, even if it’s simply that a child doesn’t want to complete a task because they are embarrassed they may not have the skills to do so or that they may fail. Help them to overcome and be bigger and stronger than the excuses!

Overworking – It can be very easy to become immersed in launching and running a business.  While it’s often fun and rewarding work, it can also easily overwhelm a child if they don’t take occasional breaks or relax and unwind.  Ensure that kids are just as focused on balancing their personal lives.

Healthy Habits for Kids to Practice and Learn

Active listening – This learned skill is vital in all areas of life. As a kidpreneur, active listening is a skill that can often make or break a business.  Teach children how to demonstrate active listen by engaging with people through body language, clarifying questions, by not acting defensively, and by using good communication skills.  Their customers, clients, friends, and family will feel respected and will more easily give their trust – and business – to your child.

Perseverance – Few things build character, and lead to success, as powerfully as perseverance. Role model to children that mistakes and failures are obstacles to be overcome and can be excellent learning opportunities. Remind them that you will always be there to support them, to help them with challenging moments, and to celebrate their wins.

Embracing childhood – Kidpreneurs need to remember to be kids!  Part of what makes children excellent young entrepreneurs is their child-like nature:  creativity, innovation, playfulness, curiosity, resilience, and so on. When they allow themselves to not get “too serious” or “too mature” too soon, they embrace the gift of childhood and bring that joy to their business.

Stay Positive!

Sometimes, working on creating good habits can seem staggering, especially to kids. But remember that healthy habits can be learned by anyone and that bad habits can be replaced.  As children start to see progress with creating good habits, they will also begin to see greater progress and strides in all areas of their life…including their business venture!



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