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15 Best Podcasts for Kids That Focus on Real World Learning

Podcasts seem to be all the rage lately especially when you consider the fact that so many families and kids have found themselves seeking creative options for things to do during a global pandemic.   It makes sense, given that podcasts are easy to access on most any streaming platform, are usually free to listen

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Kidpreneurs Interview with Hailey Hardenbrook of JoyPins

1.) First, tell us a little bit about your background and experience. What, or who inspired you to pursue your ideas? My parents are both entrepreneurs and so was my grandfather. Last summer I supported my friends who are also kid entrepreneurs. I bought one of their products and wondered if I was too young

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World Premiere of the Kidpreneurs Song and Video

What’s awesome about Kidpreneurs? If you’re not sure yet, our brand-new song and video lays it out clearly. We’re excited to introduce our new song to the world! Check out the video below. When my brother and I started Kidpreneurs many years ago, our goal was to reach a worldwide audience of kids interested in

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Golf By Numbers

9-year-old Seth is taking a swing at the golf industry Seth Damsgard isn’t just a talented golfer. He’s also a clever entrepreneur—and he’s just nine years old. Seth’s company, Golf by Numbers, produces low-cost yardage books for golf courses in several states. It all started when Seth started golfing for tournaments and with his dad. With makeshift sketches of each hole and its yardage,

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Game Reef

Jordan Zietz is solving the problem plaguing gamers nationwide

Ninth-grader Jordan Zietz is the young CEO of GameReef, a rental company specializing in video games and gaming consoles. He started the business to provide a solution for those torn between Xbox or PlayStation, Wii or DS, Fallout 4 or NHL . . . you get the idea. “People have been torn for years .

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