These Sister Kidpreneurs are da Bomb with their Bath Fizzers Business

Isabel and Caroline Bercaw are sisters who started their bath fizzers business, da Bomb Bath Fizzers, when they were just 10 and 11 years old. Now, as teenagers of 14 and 15, the pair have a multi-million-dollar business that’s growing leaps and bounds. We had a chance to talk with these sisters recently, and it’s obvious why they’ve seen such success at their young ages. They have great attitudes, and they don’t let anything get in their way!

Our interview is below. Read through Isabel and Caroline’s answers and get inspired to begin or boost your own Kidpreneur journey!

Kidpreneurs: Before starting your bath bomb business, had you come up with other business ideas? What made this one “the one?”

Caroline: Oh yeah! We had all kinds of little businesses. At one point, we were selling art to our grandma. The bath bomb idea was one that people responded to immediately. We participated in a local art fair in the youth division, and we sold out the first day. We knew we had something special.

Kidpreneurs: How did you develop your original idea and take it from an idea to making it into a real company?

Caroline: We grew up using bath bombs all the time, but we always felt disappointed when a bomb finished dissolving because, well… it was gone. So we decided to create a line of bath bombs that each have a fun surprise in the middle. When we signed up to participate in that first art fair, we spent the whole summer making about 150 bath bombs, and we were pretty shocked when we sold out on the first day of the fair!

Isabel: Guided by the belief that everyone loves surprises, we created a line of bath fizzers that each have something fun inside. Toys, charms, messages and jewelry are just a few of the items you’ll find inside our products.

Kidpreneurs: How do you come up with your ideas for new products to add to your line?

Isabel: Since our bath bombs all have surprises inside and the surprise coordinates with the name of the bath bomb, we might see a cute toy that makes us think of a bath bomb to go with it. We found these cute enamel and metal flip flop charms, and that inspired us to create the Beach Bomb, which is our featured fizzer for summer.

Kidpreneurs: As Kidpreneurs, how do you balance “work” with being a kid?

Isabel: We get really creative with answering emails between classes or at lunch! And we get out a few hours early each day, which helps.

Kidpreneurs: How have parents and/or teachers helped you develop your business?

Caroline: Well, it’s pretty great to boss our parents around! But seriously, we have each other’s backs. It’s much more than just a business relationship, obviously. So that makes us stronger as a team. We’re always talking about work, even when we’re not at the office. Maybe in the car on the way to school, or when we’re brushing our teeth in the morning, but it allows us to be really efficient and make the most of our time.

Isabel: Our dad has a management consulting background and our mom has an advertising/marketing background, so they’ve always been there to support us and help us make good decisions.

 Kidpreneurs: What has it been like working together as sisters? Do you get along and agree on most decisions about your company?

Isabel: I think we work well together because we’ve always been close. We have the added bonus of being able to be incredibly honest with each other, whether we agree on something or not.

Kidpreneurs: What advice do you have for other Kidpreneurs who have an idea for a product or service?

Isabel: Go for it! It’s easier than ever for people of any age to start their own business. I would say think through your idea carefully, but don’t spend TOO much time in thinking mode. Many people spend so much time planning that they don’t actually take action.

Caroline: And it’s important to ask yourself, “What can I do to make my product better than everything out there already?” There are a lot of bath bombs out there, but we decided from the beginning that we had to have a point of differentiation that would get people excited and shake up the category.

Adam Toren

Adam Toren

Adam Toren is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor, advisor, award-winning author and co-founder of He is co-author, with his brother Matthew, of Kidpreneurs and Small Business, BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right.