The Kidpreneurs books have received praise in the media from sources like Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, TIME for Kids, and more.
In addition to the press, we have also received countless positive reviews and testimonials from kids, parents, teachers, and successful entrepreneurs.

View some of the testimonials below. (we have categorized them for your convenience)

From the Press (In the News)

From Successful Entrepreneurs

From Parents and Kids

This book was a perfect fit for a program I conducted at St. Louis Public Schools on entrepreneurship! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to introduce kids to the topic of entrepreneurship.
Charleese Sampa
Kidpreneurs has assisted me in learning the important factors of starting a business, I think all kids should read this book.
Alexis T.
10 Years Old
After reading Kidpreneurs to my 5 year old daughter, I felt empowered myself! My daughter Natasha enjoyed the illustrations and the idea of having her own business. She loved it.
Maria Felize
At first I thought this book may have been written for a younger audience than me but after I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I now realize why my Dad ordered it for me. I loved the book and plan to get busy on my first business venture!
Suzanne D.
15 Years Old
This is definitely one of the most important books for kids to read! Kidpreneurs are truly the future Entrepreneurs of the world and in today’s economic climate, they are needed more than ever! Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners are truly a super important ingredient in creating jobs!
Rebecca H.
Thank you Matthew & Adam for writing this book and sharing your passion for Entrepreneurship. This book really made me think about all of my potential and I have already started writing down ideas for my first business. I plan on talking to some of my best friends to see if they would like to partner with me.
Adeena T.
13 Years Old
The Toren Brothers delivered a fantastic book that children and adults will find useful for years to come.
Joanne Sui
This book made me feel good about my creative ideas. I am a KIDPRENEUR!
Neil G.
11 Years Old
I read about this book online on a Mompreneurs blog and am so happy that I bought it for my kids (Ryan 8yrs old & Tommy 10yrs old). It's great to see them sitting down and planning out a business together!
Deborah B.
I have now read Kidpreneurs three times this week because I liked it so much and feel there is so much to take away from this book. My sister Angie read Kidpreneurs after I did and she felt the same way about it. We were both inspired and maybe we will be business partners.
Steven K.
12 Years Old

From Teachers

Just finished reading Kidpreneurs and must say, I was very impressed with the writing style, the illustrations and the message that the Toren Brothers convey in this extremely important book. They not only covered Entrepreneurship in a way that kids will understand but they also helped them understand the importance of giving back through charities & communities, and they even touched on the environment and being a green Entrepreneur. Loved it from start to finish and will be buying a copy for each of the Teachers in our School and encouraging the kids to read it.
Mr. Solbertson
Elementary School Principal
I can’t think of a more realistic and positive way to help kids understand that they can truly write their own plan which, will teach them to follow their dreams and ambitions
Mr. Carey
I would definitely recommend Kidpreneurs to my students and their parents. It was truly inspiring.
Mrs. Janson

"You've heard the saying, 'It's never too late.' We say, 'It's never too early!'"