Financial Literacy for Kids: Teaching the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

As the world becomes more interconnected and competitive, it is more important than ever to ensure that the next generation of entrepreneurs is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. One area that is particularly important is financial literacy for kids, as understanding how to manage and grow wealth is a key […]

Nurturing Your Child’s Entrepreneurial Skills: Tips for Parents of Kidpreneurs

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and this includes helping them develop important skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Some skills that are particularly valuable in today’s world are entrepreneurial skills. Being an entrepreneur requires creativity, innovation, and the ability to think outside the box – skills that […]

Encourage Risk-Taking and Teach Resilience in Kidpreneurs

As a parent or educator, it is important to not only teach kids the technical skills they need to succeed in business, but also to foster qualities like resilience and risk-taking. These qualities will serve them well throughout their lives, and are especially important for Kidpreneurs who are just starting out and may face challenges […]

10-Year-Old Founder and Inventor, Mia Started Power Pony at the Age of 5!

Mia started making Power Pony when she was just five years old. A horse enthusiast, this young lady always wants to ride a horse, so she invented one that she could ride anytime! Imagined by Kids for Kids and built to ride like a real horse. Your handcrafted Power Pony is powered by our patent pending ZüME […]

11 Steps to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids: Using their Hobbies as Inspiration

Being an entrepreneur is not only about starting a business. It’s also about having the mindset of an entrepreneur, which can be taught to kids at any age. There are many ways you as a parent can help your child better understand business or start on their journey to success using their hobbies as starter […]

Diversity and Inclusion in a Kidpreneurs Business

Diversity and Inclusion in a Kidpreneurs Business

Kidpreneurs have the opportunity to gain incredible life skills through planning, launching, and growing their own business. Research proves that children introduced to concepts like entrepreneurship and financial literacy can be more confident and responsible as adults. Also, Kidpreneurs can strengthen their relationship skills and see their business as a means to express their creative […]

Kidpreneurs Interview with Kunal Chandiramani

Kunal Chandiramani

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to speak with Kidpreneur, Kunal Chandiramani about founding two successful businesses while he was just a teenager. He is the founder of Kstar and Compacademy.  You can read his in-depth interview below, and listen to the full audio interview by clicking these: Hi, Kunal! Kidpreneurs: First, […]

Kidpreneurs Interview with Jahan Ergashev of Home and Joy Pillows

Kidpreneur Jahan Ergashev

We are privileged to have another amazing Kidpreneur share an interview with us about his successful business called Home and Joy Pillows.  Jahan and his mother are from the beautiful land of Tajikistan but now live in the United States.  Click on the video below to hear all about Jahan’s kidpreneur journey! Jahan says that […]

Inspiring Kidpreneur Interview with Sean Pour


We are so honored to speak with Sean Pour about his incredible experience as a young Kidpreneur.  Sean is 25 years old now, but when he was 14 started his own company called Sellmax. His business is now thriving, and he is passionate about wanting to give back and help inspire other young entrepreneurs. Sean […]