SmartKids and SmartWatches: How Future-Minded Kids Designed Eco-Friendly and Health Conscious Smartwatches

With an abundance of creativity and visions of a limitless future, children often come up with inventions that have the potential to change the world!  We’ve been fortunate to spotlight many of these young kidpreneurs on our website.

Our book “Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas” guides children through important principles of entrepreneurship, as well as provides them with life skills to equip them for the future.   As kids and teens build their confidence and competence with these skills, they are able to flourish in all areas of their life and often devise innovative ideas that capture global attention.

As a recent example, Currys PC World recently reached out to a group of children age 14 and below and asked what kind of smartwatch they might design in order to make the world a better place.  

Proving that you don’t have to be an adult or scientist to develop life-changing concepts, the kids went to work. The results were brilliant, tech-savvy, and focused on important issues such as health, safety, and the environment.  

A professional illustrator took the original doodles and drawings and adapted them into prototypes. You can view the finalized designs at this link, which include smartwatches that monitor mood, notify the wearer of potentially unsafe situations, and even scan items to determine if they are recyclable.

Kidpreneurs Book Table of Contents

Kudos to these remarkable young kids for thinking outside of the box and considering the wellbeing of our future.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of “Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas” to support and motivate the kidpreneur in your life.  

With nine chapters packed with kid-friendly resources, activities and tips to help kids launch and grow their business, your kidpreneurs may just be inspired to be the next big inventor!

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