Cultivating Patience With a Kidpreneur Business

Cultivating Patience With a Kidpreneur Business

Launching a business can be one of the most exciting experiences for a kidpreneur and their friends and family.  The energy of all of the ideas swirling, the enthusiasm for the “next step”, and the anticipation of the next sale or client are all memorable parts along the kidpreneur journey.

Sometimes a kidpreneur may find that they are feeling impatient with the process or the timeline and want to “hurry things up”.  They may feel overwhelmed by how long it takes to move certain elements of a business forward or to see sustainable results. This is a normal feeling and one that most every single kidpreneur will feel at some point.  

An important reminder for anyone starting or running a business is to remember that there is power in knowing when to “wait” and when to “act”. For example, you may be tempted to take the first client that comes along, even if their offer is far lower than what you normally charge. Weighing the risks and benefits of that decision is a learned skill and one that requires practice.

Cultivating patience with a new business venture isn’t always easy but it’s always worth the effort.  Curbing the inclination to make impulsive decisions will allow a kidpreneur to stay clear with their vision and goals and ensure the integrity of their business.

Below are three powerful ways to cultivate patience when starting or sustaining a kidpreneur business.

Focus on Progress

While eagerness is a positive emotion, and certainly not something that needs to be contained, it’s important that kids also remember to focus on the next steps of their business.  

Being aware of progress keeps momentum going and lessens the chance for distractions or devastating mistakes.  Remember that the end goal will be achieved if each of the smaller goals within the plan are accomplished. Consider helping your kidpreneur create a simple project plan or task list to keep them on track and attuned to their progress.

Set Realistic Expectations

Often, in the excitement of starting a business, kids may set unrealistic expectations of themselves, their business, or of others.  Perhaps they expect the sales and the money to start rolling in quickly or their number of followers to increase drastically in a day.  But we all know that success doesn’t happen overnight, no matter what social media may lead you to believe otherwise. Success is a series of small wins that happen steadily over time and compound to create true results.

Help guide your kidpreneur in creating meaningful but attainable goals by breaking down tasks and projects in manageable chunks.  Help them stay accountable by checking in periodically on their progress and asking where they may need support. Don’t forget that goals can always be assessed if needed.

Celebrate Milestones

Honoring the hard work and efforts of a kidpreneur is incredibly empowering and necessary to supporting their ongoing efforts. Celebrating milestones, no matter how small, restores confidence in kids and reminds them that their actions and hard work matter. 

You can help further motivate your kidpreneur by building in ideas for celebrations or rewards when setting goals.  For example: when your kidpreneur hits “x” number of sales, ask what they feel would be an appropriate way to celebrate that accomplishment. It not only gives them something tangible to work towards but helps them to stay patient while the important work is being done.

Validate Patience

Another way to show your support is to validate when you notice they’ve been patient.  Point out how they’ve overcome setbacks, where they’ve made strategic decisions, and how far they have come in the process.  

Then leave the rest up to them because their passion, motivation, and creativity will continue to inspire your kidpreneur to do their best and make their dreams come true. 



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