Kidpreneurs Interview with Kunal Chandiramani

Kunal Chandiramani

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to speak with Kidpreneur, Kunal Chandiramani about founding two successful businesses while he was just a teenager. He is the founder of Kstar and Compacademy.  You can read his in-depth interview below, and listen to the full audio interview by clicking these: Hi, Kunal! Kidpreneurs: First, […]

Kidpreneurs Interview with Jahan Ergashev of Home and Joy Pillows

Kidpreneur Jahan Ergashev

We are privileged to have another amazing Kidpreneur share an interview with us about his successful business called Home and Joy Pillows.  Jahan and his mother are from the beautiful land of Tajikistan but now live in the United States.  Click on the video below to hear all about Jahan’s kidpreneur journey! Jahan says that […]

Kidpreneur Interview with Ian Santin of Chosen Few Software

Ian Santin Kidpreneur Interview

We are excited to share the story of 16-year-old Ian Santin’s app development startup, Chosen Few Software. Ian’s mobile apps have been downloaded over 50,000 times on the Google Play Store, and he is constantly working to improve his product and develop new video game concepts. Ian capitalized on his passion for technology and coding […]

Inspiring Kidpreneur Interview with Sean Pour


We are so honored to speak with Sean Pour about his incredible experience as a young Kidpreneur.  Sean is 25 years old now, but when he was 14 started his own company called Sellmax. His business is now thriving, and he is passionate about wanting to give back and help inspire other young entrepreneurs. Sean […]

Interview with Parker Krex, Creator of Brick Loot

Interview with Parker Krex, Creator of Brick Loot

“I encourage kids to never give up. If you like your idea, someone else in the world likes it, too!” – Parker Krex Our latest featured Kidpreneurs is Parker Krex. At age nine, after years of  reviewing Lego sets on YouTube, Parker came up with the idea for a monthly LEGO subscription box.  And Brick […]

Interview with Jayce McGuirk, Creator of Random Hats of Kindness

Interview with Jayce McGuirk, Creator of Random Hats of Kindness

“The earlier you can start learning about business, the better. ” – Jayce McGuirk Our latest featured Kidpreneurs is Jayce McGuirk, a 13 year old kid with a penchant for spreading kindness. Along with his brother and step dad, Jayce designs and sells super cool hats with a purpose. Each comes with a “leave-behind” tag […]

Interview with Kenan Pala, Creator of Kids4Community

Kidpreneur, Kenan Pala, creator of Kids4 Community

“Staying determined while working helps you focused through the promised challenging times that come with running an organization or business. ” – Kenan Pala Our latest featured Kidpreneurs is Kenan Pala, a kid with a big heart for people in need. With the help of friends and family, Kenan helped to organize programs to fund […]

Interview with Aaron Golbin, Founder of

Interview with Aaron Golbin Founder at

“To create a successful business, you must be willing to put an enormous amount of time and effort into making it thrive.” – Aaron Golbin Our latest featured Kidpreneur didn’t stop at creating just one business.  Aaron Golbin continued his entrepreneurial momentum by achieving success with implementation of three more businesses.   At just 14 years […]

Introducing Ben Hampton – Kidpreneur Influencer

Social media has been important to Kidpreneurs and adult entrepreneurs alike for several years now. And the hottest social media network currently is Instagram. Have you ever wondered if a Kidpreneur can become an influencer on Instagram? Well, we were lucky enough to sit down with awesome Kidpreneur, Ben Hampton, recently (@benhampton on Instagram) and […]

Interview with 14 Year Old Entrepreneur, Chef Remmi Smith

Chef Remmi Smith

Chef Remmi Smith is the living embodiment of the Kidpreneurs philosophy, “it’s never too early.” At fourteen years old this dynamic and driven young woman is taking the nation by storm one school cafeteria and teen at a time. Remmi has partnered with Sodexo, a large provider of school lunch programs, to be their student […]