Gary Vaynerchuk Endorses Kidpreneurs

Gary Vaynerchuk wants you to find that thing you love and start doing it, and when you succeed – let him know. His book Crush It explains that, using today’s social media, you can turn your passion into profits.

Although his business focus and his first expertise is wine, he is also considered an expert in using social media tools to create and build a business. He took over his parents’ struggling liquor store and turned it into a $20 million wine emporium.

Gary’s style is friendly and straightforward. He doesn’t dress or talk to impress. Instead he’s excited about possibilities and wants everyone to find success in their own way with their own dreams. He also admits that he madly loves it when people take the time to let him know if his ideas or books made a difference in their lives. The energy he gets from those people is a strong motivator for him to continue communicating what he’s learned to anyone and everyone who wants to listen.

In this video, Gary shares some of his views, including his not-so-secret desire to be 7 years old again so that he could follow the advice in Kidpreneurs and be “a millionaire at ten.” Take a few minutes and gain some valuable advice from Gary.

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