11 Successful Kidpreneurs 12 and Under

11 Successful Kidpreneurs 12 and Under

The world has seen, again and again, what kids can achieve when they put their minds and hearts towards a cause they believe in.  This is one of the reasons we wrote our book, “Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas!” We believe that every child has the right to pursue any dream they wish, while […]

15 Best Podcasts for Kids That Focus on Real World Learning

Podcasts seem to be all the rage lately especially when you consider the fact that so many families and kids have found themselves seeking creative options for things to do during a global pandemic.   It makes sense, given that podcasts are easy to access on most any streaming platform, are usually free to listen […]

Diversity and Inclusion in a Kidpreneurs Business

Diversity and Inclusion in a Kidpreneurs Business

Kidpreneurs have the opportunity to gain incredible life skills through planning, launching, and growing their own business. Research proves that children introduced to concepts like entrepreneurship and financial literacy can be more confident and responsible as adults. Also, Kidpreneurs can strengthen their relationship skills and see their business as a means to express their creative […]

Kidpreneurs: The Talk Show – Interview with Nicholas

Kidpreneurs Talk Show Nicholas

Kidpreneurs Talk Show Host, Jacob, has started a podcast to interview Kidpreneurs! In this episode, Jacob got the chance to interview Nicholas, with CreationsByNicholas.com, a six-going-on-seven-year-old who has built an impressive business – for any age. Check out the interview below, and help us congratulate Nicholas and Jacob on our social media channels and by […]

At-Home Learning and Family Resources During Time of Change

At-Home Learning Resources

During turbulent times, it always helps to take a moment to reconnect to what matters and to establish a sense of self-control and direction. With the widespread panic and uncertainty that many of us are facing, I know that it feels very heavy and confusing out there for many. Many of you are inundated with […]

Kidpreneurs Interview with Kunal Chandiramani

Kunal Chandiramani

We are so honored to have had the opportunity to speak with Kidpreneur, Kunal Chandiramani about founding two successful businesses while he was just a teenager. He is the founder of Kstar and Compacademy.  You can read his in-depth interview below, and listen to the full audio interview by clicking these: Hi, Kunal! Kidpreneurs: First, […]

Kidpreneurs Interview with Jahan Ergashev of Home and Joy Pillows

Kidpreneur Jahan Ergashev

We are privileged to have another amazing Kidpreneur share an interview with us about his successful business called Home and Joy Pillows.  Jahan and his mother are from the beautiful land of Tajikistan but now live in the United States.  Click on the video below to hear all about Jahan’s kidpreneur journey! Jahan says that […]

Kidpreneur Interview with Ian Santin of Chosen Few Software

Ian Santin Kidpreneur Interview

We are excited to share the story of 16-year-old Ian Santin’s app development startup, Chosen Few Software. Ian’s mobile apps have been downloaded over 50,000 times on the Google Play Store, and he is constantly working to improve his product and develop new video game concepts. Ian capitalized on his passion for technology and coding […]

Kidpreneur Ifrata Liaquat on Kidpreneurship in Pakistan

Ifrata Liaquat

We love hearing from Kidpreneurs from the U.S., Canada, and all over the world! So we were thrilled when 10-year-old Ifrata Liaquat, an amazing Kidpreneur from Pakistan, agreed to tell us about her entrepreneurial journey and being a Kidpreneur growing up in Pakistan. In the video below, Ifrata has a lot to say about the […]