We Say “It's Never too Early”

Adam and Matthew Toren were just kids when their grandfather got them started with a model airplane business. As they grew up and became successful entrepreneurs, they wanted to pass along the message that it’s ‘Never Too Early’ to start teaching children the basic principles of money management and key real-life skills.

The Start

Matthew's daughter was 9 years old when she asked 'What do you and Uncle Adam do as entrepreneurs?' With the idea in mind, they released Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas in 2009

Academy Launches

After resounding success with the original book, the brothers released an online course, Kidpreneurs Academy. In just a few years, the Academy surpassed 150,000 worldwide students.

A New Era

After 14 years, Kidpreneurs expanded its team to work on taking the company to the next-level. Led by 16-year old kidpreneur Benjamin Wong, 2023 will be a year to remember.

Kidpreneurs Academy

Have FUN while learning entrepreneurship & money management for kids aged 6-12.

What’s it all about?

Decades of entrepreneurial experience (critical thinking, problem solving, money management & more) are cleverly disguised as a fun, engaging, and gamified online experience for kids!

Gamified learning experience
Interactive e-books & courses
Kidpreneur Interviews
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    What our Customers Say

    See some of the reviews that parents have left about Kidpreneurs!

    "This book made me feel great about my Creative Ideas. Best Book I've read. I am a KIDPRENEUR!"

    13-years Old

    "This is a great inspirational & motivating book for kids... and even the parents!"

    Pav Simon
    Mom of 2

    "A toolbox that goes way beyond traditional education. A must-have for all kids!"

    Dameon Blair
    Elementary School Princip

    Why Kids and Parents Love Kidpreneurs

    See some of the reviews that parents have left about Kidpreneurs!

    New Kidpreneurs Academy Testimonial

    Izzy Lee

    New Kidpreneurs Academy Testimonial

    Courtney Dyer

    Testimonial Video Kidpreneurs


    Kidpreneurs Testimonial

    Courtney Wilson

    The future of our children begins here!

    The Torens carry their tremendous entrepreneurial spirit like a torch and are eager to pass it forward to the world’s youth while the flame is still burning.

    "We say, 'It's never too early to learn the basic principles of entrepreneurship and money management!"

    Adam & Matthew Toren
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