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Inside the Kidpreneur Mindset

Inside the Kidpreneur Mindset

How can it be that young children and teens have the ability to create innovative and successful businesses from the ground up? How is it that kids seem to consistently achieve the impossible, as if

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Matthew and Adam Toren are brothers, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors.

Meet the Authors

What is it about teaching our children the basic principles of sound money management that seems to tighten the throat and sew the lips of the average parent? Don’t ask brothers Matthew and Adam Toren, they’ve been far too busy bucking the trend.

The Toren’s carry their tremendous entrepreneurial spirit like a torch, and are eager to pass it forward to the world’s youth while the flame is still burning.

The brothers have spent years dedicated to researching the best practices in modern business and then teaching the techniques to others while also establishing and maintaining their own steady stream of successful businesses,

What They're Saying About Kidpreneurs!

"You've heard the saying, 'It's never too late.' We say, 'It's never too early!'"

~ Adam & Matthew Toren