Kidpreneurs Live Show

What Do We Do?


Kidpreneurs motto is “It’s Never too Early!” We want to give kids a chance to work on getting to their dreams as fast as possible. We realize that we can’t do it all ourselves. This is why our business model involves the community. Many cultures say It takes a town to raise a child. Kidpreneurs believes in that.

Kidpreneurs goes into communities and works with local businesses to help fund the shows in their neighborhood. The Kidpreneurs team video interviews various local community entrepreneurs and then go into the schools and work with a grade to teach them about the basic principles of entrepreneurship. After that we present a show for the whole school.

Follow up events such as Kidpreneurs fairs and local opportunities to present their new companies will also be offered.


How Do I Invite You to My School?

Fill out the contact form (on the right) to let us know that you would like the Kidpreneurs show to attend your school!

When Kidpreneurs arrives in your region it will be listed in the school board directory of shows.


How We Teach


We break down our show into 8 easy steps:

1 Company Name

2. What we do

3. Who are your Customers

4. Start up Costs

5. Selling points

6. Advertising

7. Need to do

8. Price

Once the Kids get this we make sure to be as entertaining and motivational as possible.

Watch this video if you think you are an entrepreneur.